snoepmaken op locatie

onsite candymaking

developed in spain and a recent arrival in amsterdam; our mobile candy making tables enable our candy artists to make papabubble’s beautiful creations on-site. this allows us to demonstrate that the process of candymaking is quite spectacular and as beautiful as the pieces we create.

when you hire us for a corporate event, a festival or a fair for example, our candy makers can craft candy during the show. the candies and lollipops that we make can then be handed out to the attendees. multiple types of candy and lollipops can be made on the day in colours and flavors that best suit the event. the space that is needed to make our sweets is at least 6 m2. further requirements are an electricity outlet and a source of water. papabubble provides the rest of the supplies. a minimum of two candyartists is required for onsite candymaking.